putting biz.Clarency to work

the rapid route to better business

There’s a strong business case behind getting biz.Clarency working for you. But what obstacles will need to be overcome? Unless your IT department is an extreme rarity, it already has plenty of demands on its resources, and you can’t afford to put your everyday commerce on hold while you implement new systems.

Every new development involves change, and we recognise that change just isn’t welcome when you’re 100% committed to running your business as it is.

So here’s how we ease the pain...

The fast track to benefit

We hope that we’ve told you enough to convince you that biz.Clarency can deliver big results for you. But it’s a fair question to ask what steps are between where you are today and realising the benefits it can bring. fortunately it can all be done quickly and with a minimum of disruption.

The turnkey approach

Our ready-to-go user interface is a turnkey solution that gives you and your customers access to the full power of biz.Clarency. And, for some of our clients, it’s exactly what’s needed; a complete package that makes no demands on existing systems or resources.

The API approach

As you might expect, most of our clients prefer to integrate the platform into their existing ERP systems. It allows them to work the way they want to, connecting biz.Clarency’s power seamlessly into the workflow they prefer. That’s easy too; we offer a full range of proven APIs, complete with sandbox operations and the Postman test platform. You’ll find that most, and quite possibly all, of your requirements are there ready for your IT people to implement quickly and with the minimum of fuss and code-crunching.

Where you have custom requirements, our support squad are at your command to rapidly deploy bespoke interfaces or fold in any of the external services you currently use. We designed our architecture for exactly this purpose, so it’s no big deal – or long development lag – to tailor it exactly to what you’re trying to achieve.

The hybrid approach

There’s no point in a money-saving platform that absorbs all of the savings in cost. So we didn’t develop that way. Not only did we design biz.Clarency to make implementation easy and sparing of cost and resource from your end, we also minimised our own workload in bringing you up to speed. That keeps your – and our – costs down, and frees up developer time to support you properly.

Ongoing costs are fully transparent and predictable. We’ll give you a clear breakdown so that you can easily judge the savings that you’ll achieve, and closely monitor progress to ensure you actually are achieving them.

Controlling the spend

Work with biz.Clarency the way it suits you. We’ve built in connections to industry standards like salesforce and ERP/accounting systems. We can even connect you directly to your customers’ accounting systems, such as Sage, Quickbooks or Xero, to pull payment-supporting data direct from source.

SWIFT is almost universal in bank-to-bank messaging. Its widespread adoption is great, but its message capacity severely restricts the amount of information that can accompany a payment instruction. You can use SWIFT without any such limitations because biz.Clarency can embed a key into the MT103 that allows authorised parties to view every detail you wish to communicate, from invoice details through to full KYC information.