Liquidity keeps the wheels turning

Use biz.Clarency’s currency recycle loops to drive opportunity

Dependable, consistent liquidity lets your business run smoothly, ensuring you’re in good shape for every opportunity that comes your way. Few things can be more frustrating than seeing opportunities slip by because you’re short of a relevant currency.

Our currency partnerships allow us to step in whenever you need us with rapid clearing in twelve currencies, including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and ¥. That covers at least 90% of the transactions we service, but where needed we can provide competitive exchange in over 100 other FIATs, including many exotics.

How it works

We begin by setting up nostro accounts on your behalf in your choice of hard currencies. You then publish these accounts to receive payments from global importers. You could then use this to settle the local exporter, but it’s generally better to settle the local currency from treasury.

You’re now free to sell the hard currency to a local importer, for whom you then route an outbound payment to their overseas supplier.

By recirculating hard and local currencies in this way, you’re able to maintain liquidity and earn revenue on incoming and outgoing transactions. And at any time you can call on biz.Clarency to maintain balance by ready short-term availability of whichever currency you need.